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The COVID-19 Survival Kit for Restaurants

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

As countries everywhere are establishing guidelines to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, many mamaks, hawkers, street stalls, and restaurants worldwide are wondering how they’ll be able to weather the storm. 

As an owner or manager of your F&B outlet, the and health of your employees and guests is of the utmost importance during this time. First, you must take care of providing a safe environment for food safety, hygiene and sanitation.

After that, in order to drive sales and ride through the wave, it is important to take-charge and find ways to boost sales, even if incremental, during this period of zero to low dine-in service. 

“This economic recession is an opportunity to build and grow your relationships with your guests. ”

Team UMAI has gathered information into a few articles that will provide the following: 

This economic recession is an opportunity to build and grow your relationships with your guests. Your outlet, whether a mamak, hawker, or restaurant, is about giving an experience that connects human connections with food and during these times, it’s important that we all band together to help each other. This also means that it is an opportune time to deepen and leverage relationships with your most loyal customers because they will continue to stay with you when things return to “normal” and long after that into the future. 

From Team UMAI to all of our hospitality friends, we hope to all gather together to keep our heads and hopes high. 

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