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The Government is requiring all restaurants to write down the names of their customers. Our system stores this information online so that it can't be lost, and so that you can market to all of these customers to come back, or place online orders

Build detailed profiles to stay on top of your guest experience

From dining preferences to past visits and purchase history, Umai grants you complete ownership and overview of guest data. This means you can treat every guest like a regular, on the regular.
If you own multiple properties you can also track your guests across your group, fully understanding their experience with your brand.
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Bring guests back twice as often with Automated Marketing

Our solutions identifies which guests have not visited for some time, who has upcoming birthdays and who you want back more often. We super charge your marketing with automated personalized campaigns.

You then watch the results roll in, lean back and count your money.
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Gather constructive feedback and get insights into how you can improve

Gather feedback from your guests, real-time, both from the guests who prefer to provide it at the restaurant in person, as well as the people who prefer to provide it once having departed from your establishment.
All done automatically.
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Don't just take our word for it. Here is what our customers have to say

"We used Umai to digitalize our reservation book and guest profiles. Today we are able to get a deep dive into our guests, their history with us and much more. Even our kitchen receives the guest profiles on a daily basis. Overall, Umai helps us keep our service standards high."

Danil Kravchenko

Entier French Dining, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"We are now able to capture feedback automatically, in a structured manner directly via the Umai system. This helps us keep a pulse on the beat and know our guests impression of the experience we provide"

Shawn Liew

Wizards at Tribeca, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"We've been using Umai at Copper Restaurant KL and have positive reviews for both the reservation system and loyalty program. The entire ecosystem helps you capture actionable data on guests and visualises it into intuitive analytics. Their easy to use interface has allowed the team to focus on upping our customer relations and service."

Zeehan Zahari

Copper, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I have worked with several systems in 11 different outlets over 3 continents and must say this is by far the best I've experienced."

Rick Joore

Joloko, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia