How Vantador made 32,400 MYR (7,700 USD) in a month with UMAI’s Marketing Automation System

Strategy: At-Risk Campaign
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
When the lock down was enforced, our sales took a dive by almost 90%. We’ve now since closed our restaurant because the safety and health of our staff, customers, and stakeholder’ is much more important to us. UMAI approach us with a solution: doing delivery/takeaway and selling gift cards. We opted for the gift cards. They set everything up within 15 minutes, and soon after we started sharing the link out to our social media followers and with our database.  In a short period of time, we’re getting positive responses and generated incredible amount of sales from the gift vouchers It has been the best thing we’ve done to combat the slow down in our din-in traffic and improve our cash flow. It doesn’t require much work on our end, except to think what value we can offer to our customers and make our gift cards attractive to them. Regards, and stay safe.  Aizuddin  Director Kay’s Steak & Lobster

Vantador, “The Dry-Aged Steak Boutique” located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, quickly realized that fewer dine-in customers—due to the COVID-19 health crisis—meant that they needed to find new ways to earn revenue and improve cash flow.

With that, Vantador decided to turn to UMAI for a more efficient and effective way to engage and retain their customers. UMAI’s Loyalty and Marketing Automation system allows Vantador to build a database of their customers within a few taps of a finger. They only had one thing to do: sign customers up at the time of payment. And the rest? Leave it to the system: it does not only capture customers’ names, phone numbers, and birthdates, but it also tracks critical data, such as how much customers spend and how often they come back to visit the restaurant.

With the system, Vantador now has a few campaigns that automatically send a personalized message to customers after they leave the restaurant. One of their most successful campaigns is the At-Risk Campaign, which specifically targets customers who have not been back in a certain number of days. The SMS is customized with the name of the customer and an invitation to visit the restaurant again with a special incentive. The system also tracks which customers came back from which campaign and how much money they spent when they returned.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe turmoil in the F&B industry, Vantador was able to push through and earn approximately 32,400 MYR (7,700 USD) in a single month just from their At-Risk Campaign alone. By bringing back disengaged customers to dine at their restaurant, Vantador made seven times higher in revenue than what they earned a year before. With UMAI, Vantador now has better insights into their business, higher profit margins, and more repeat customers than ever.

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