How Barbary Coast made 9,200 SGD (6,600 USD) in a month by maximizing table turnover with UMAI’s Reservation System

Strategy: Short Seat
  • Company
    Barbary Coast
  • Company Size
  • Outlet Type
    Fancy Casual Dining
  • Location
    North Canal Road, Singapore

Inspired by its namesake of a harbourfront district in 19th century San Francisco, Barbary Coast is an award-winning restaurant in Singapore that serves the prime experience of fancy casual dining with its dual-concept venues. From the rustic “Deadfall” to the lavish “Ballroom”, it is no wonder that the restaurant often gets close to its seating capacity every day. For this reason, Barbary Coast was looking for a way to help them seat more guests at the lowest possible cost.

UMAI provides just the perfect solution for this problem. Our NEW feature, Short Seat, helps venues to upgrade their reservation system to a whole new level. Short Seat allows customers to notify a restaurant that their reservation would be shorter than the standard table turnaround time. The feature also provides a great deal of flexibility: venues can choose to activate Short Seat on certain days of the week, certain times of the day, as well as certain party sizes. A quick and easy feature to set up, Barbary Coast only had one thing to do: decide on a shorter table turnaround time (and personalize its description!). From a standard turn time of 3 hours, Barbary Coast decided to give its customers the option of selecting a shorter turn time of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

With Short Seat, Barbary Coast is able to produce the maximum yield from its table inventory. With 93 reservations made using Short Seat in a single month, UMAI has helped Barbary Coast free up 141 hours of seating time and make room for 47 reservations. From these reservations alone, Barbary Coast has managed to earn approximately 9,200 SGD (6,600 USD). With UMAI, Barbary Coast now has better insights into its business, higher profit margins, and more customers than ever.

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