Terms of Use

UMAI would like to invite you to use our products and services. However, before doing so we welcome you to read our terms and conditions policy set before you proceed with usage. These are the rules and terms which users must abide with before using our products and services.

The Terms of Use stated herein (collectively with UMAI GLOBAL’s Privacy Policy) represent a legal binding agreement between you and UMAI GLOBAL1 PTE LTD, a Singaporean corporation and NORSKI1 Sdn Bhd (1048892-D), a Malaysian corporation (“UMAI GLOBAL”, “UMAI”, “we”, or “us”) that applies the usage of our websites (the “Sites”), mobile applications (“Applications” or “Apps”), and/or services (collectively, with our Sites and Applications, the “Services”). These services include, but are not limited to new features such as widgets, managerial applications, B2B and B2C websites.

The user agrees by viewing, accessing, visiting, or using the Services, in any method, including but not limited to visiting, downloading, installing the Site or Application - ultimately acknowledges that you understood and read the terms and conditions and privacy policy stated herein, and are thus constrained and obligated by law to have the right, proper authority, and capacity to enter into this legally binding Agreement and conduct in accordance to the terms and conditions placed before this Agreement, and legally allowed to access or use the stated Services, whether or regardless of whether or not you are an account holder or listed user of the said Services.

UMAI has the authority and responsibility to amend this Agreement, in addition to subsequent policies regarding said Services, at any given time frame, when posted on or through Services. As the user, you are solely responsible for maintaining and keeping up to date with this Agreement along with the Privacy Policy. Your usage of UMAI’s Services is a non verbal agreement in the acceptance of said updates, modifications, amendments, and changes that might affect this agreement in the future.

Please note that UMAI uses individual arbitration in any disputes in order to settle future disputes that might arise.


  1. You have understood and agreed to the website’s terms and conditions along with the subsequent Privacy Policy.
  2. By accessing and using the Services you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old, or unders the adult supervision who is at least 18 years of age, in which case the adult is deemed the actual user of the Services and will hold all responsibility.
  3. You have the legal, mental, physical - right, power, and authority to agree to these terms and conditions.
  4. Services will be limited to individuals under the age of 13.
  5. The Services offered are strictly for usage between you and UMAI and not for any additional third party member without the consent of UMAI.
  6. We may choose to refuse in full or in partial service or feature to any individual, corporation, or entity and change the eligibility criteria as we see fit.
  7. You are required to provide accurate and complete information that reflects you or your entity - failure to comply will result in default of your eligibility.
  1. You may obtain parts of the Service without creating an account, however, in order to access UMAI’s full line of Services, including the ability to submit reservation requests, subscribe for loyalty program, an account must be created.
  2. You agree to present accurate and full data that is reflective about yourself “Account Information”) and agree to update the information in a timely manner when your information alters.
  3. You are limited to a single account with UMAI. Any attempts to create additional accounts using the same email address or other pertain contact information along with inaccurate or invalid information including, but not limited to billing information, phone number, and name - may result in the suspension of your account or closure of your account(s). As a result, potentially rejecting or cancelling subsequent confirmed or unconfirmed future reservation and or loss of discounts, cashbacks, credits, or promotions linked to your account(s). UMAI’s does not take any responsibility for the forfeiture of these benefits in association with account terminations.
  4. You are obligated to keep secure your account and account credentials and you are responsible for the usage of your account regardless of whether or not it was warranted by you.
  5. You agree to never use another account holder’s account without their expressed permission in order to access Service. Subsequently, you agree to contact UMAI in the case that an unauthorized user of your account or any other questionable activity or security leak related to your Services.
  6. You agree to contact UMAI when your eligibility potentially changes.

We follow a reliable refund policy to let our customers feel privileged about their association with us. Please read the guidelines governing the refund policy.

  1. Your subscription gets renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period following the plan purchased.
  2. If you wish to cancel your account, notify us at least 30 days before the end of your term (via an email to finance@letsumai.com) . Upon cancellation, your subscription will be paused & cancelled, and we will no longer charge you for future months of service.
  3. If you stop using our services in between the term, we will not refund you the fees paid by you for the remaining term.
  4. No refunds are offered, even if a plan is canceled mid-month. You accept this when signing up for our service.
  1. When your provide your mobile number, you have agreed to receive SMS and text messages from UMAI in relationship to our Services.
  2. You understand that rates and costs associated with these SMS and text messages may apply and you are liable for paying such fees based on your mobile provider’s rates and charges.
  3. You have the capability to opt-out of obtaining these messages whenever you want by emailing us at contactus@letsumai.com or texting STOP as a follow up to the SMS or text messages you might receive.
  1. When you create a reservation for a restaurant, you will be required to present critical contact information such as phone number, email, and potentially credit card information - used for a reservation fee.
  2. Once a reservation has been created and confirmed you will honor the reservation by arriving on time and paying for the meal, or otherwise notifying the restaurant for any late or reservation terminations.
  3. Reservation changes can be made by emailing us at contactus@letsumai.com or responding to the SMS from UMAI at any time. All attempts will be made to accommodate your changes with the restaurant, however, note that restaurants might not always be able to accommodate these changes due to capacity, time, or other resource constraints.
  4. You are restricted to booking one reservation for your personal use per meal time and you are forbidden to attempt to resell/upsell any reservation created through our Services.
  5. By providing your contact information to us you are agreeing to receive updates and alerts regarding your reservation.
  1. You may cancel a reservation at anytime if the reservation status is awaiting for restaurant approval and confirmation. However, once the reservation has been accepted and confirmed, you have agreed to honor the reservation by arriving on time and paying for the meal. However, we understanding that life presents unforeseen circumstances and if you cannot honor a confirmed reservation, you must cancel that reservation through the Services at least four hours before the start time of the reservation. Additionally, some restaurants might provide a more specific cancellation policy as a result it is pertinent to reference the restaurant associated with that reservation cancellation policy.
  2. If for whatever reason, there is a wrong cancellation or missed reservation associated with your account, you have the ability to dispute that claim by contacting us at contactus@letsumai.com.Furthermore, by using our Services you have agreed that all final judgement regarding the cancellation and missed reservation will be made by UMAI’s discretion after internal review.
  3. You agree that we, or any associated restaurants with your reservation) has the authority to terminate your reservation if you have not check in fifteen minutes past your scheduled reservation time - unless otherwise stated. As a result, it is best to contact the restaurant for any pending delays.
  4. Your cancellations and late reservations will be documented and connected in association with your account. Restaurants will have access to this history.
  1. Restaurants, under their own discretion may create discounts and promotional codes that may be redeemed for services rendered by the restaurant. These promotions and discounts are subjected to the terms and conditions of UMAI, including but not limited to (on a per promotion or discount basis).
  2. You agree that promotions and discounts must be used for personal purposes in a lawful manner.
  3. Promotions and discounts may not be copied, sold, transferred between accounts or made available to the public without notification and consent from UMAI.
  4. Note that UMAI may discontinue or cancel these promotions and discounts at any time for any reason.
  5. The usage of these promotions and discounts must be within the bounds of the terms of the promotions or discounts.
  6. These promotions and discounts are not valid exchanges for cash.
  7. These promotions and discounts may expire prior to usage.
  8. These promotions and discounts are subject to UMAI’s judgement - if these promotions and discounts are found to be in error, used in an unlawful manner, or in violation of the stated terms and conditions - then UMAI has the ability to suspend the usability of the promotions or discount in addition to the potential termination or temporary freezing of the owner’s account.
  1. Restaurant feedback is a feature that allows you to provide constructive feedback in regards to the food and service of the restaurant - in order for the restaurant to improve your overall future dining experience.
  2. The restaurant feedback is typically only viewable to restaurants after your dining experiences with the restaurant - for furthermore information regarding how your reservation is being shared please refer to the Privacy Policy.
  1. When you subscribe for Restaurant Loyalty Program, you will be required to present critical contact information such as phone number, email, and any additional information requested by the restaurant (date of birth and gender).
  2. Once the account is set, you may claim or redeem accumulated credits earned by visiting and dining at the restaurant.
  3. By agreeing to this Terms and Conditions, you agree on receiving promotional sms campaigns that can be redeemed by you according to restaurant marketing purposes.
  4. Members cannot maintain membership in or earn cashback on multiple accounts. You may maintain only one account.
  5. There is no enrolment fee for this Program.
  6. By providing your contact information to us you are agreeing to receive updates and alerts regarding your reservation.
  1. The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as UMAI or restaurant decides to terminate the Program, at any time, with or without notice.
  2. If the Program is terminated, all unredeemed points shall be forfeited without any obligation or liability, and no award claims shall be honoured after the conclusion of any notice period.
  1. Credits are redeemable towards purchases in the restaurant offering UMAI Loyalty Program.
  2. You can redeem your credits during the checkout process.
  3. During the redemption process you might be asked for additional information required by the restaurant, such as date of birth, gender, email address, etc.
  1. You are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, but not limited to following:
  2. You promise to utilize the Services in a lawful manner and agree to use the Service in adherence to this agreement.
  3. You are liable for all activities performed while connected to this Service.
  4. You will not use the Service to bother or cause annoyance.
  5. You agree not to harm or impair the network, operation or service in any manner.
  6. You agree that you will not replicate or distribute the application or Service without granted permission from UMAI.
  7. You will only be able to use the service for personal reasons and agree not to resell it to another party.
  8. You will not attempt to hack or bypass access to other accounts and access restricted Services and contents.
  9. You will not deploy any of the following: spam, manual or automated software, “crawl” or “spider” of the site, harvest or scrape any content or data from any application or service. These are only a few examples of harmful actions, but the agreement is not limited to these deployments.
  10. You will provide proof of identification on request.
  11. You are aware that when you receive SMS text messages charges will apply based on mobile phone provider.
  12. UMAI reserves the authority to change, modify, suspend the partial or complete applications or Services with or without expressed permission.
  13. The service of the site may include the following functions - but are not limited due to new product releases these include: table management systems (TMS), reservation management systems (RMS), access to information, data, news, listings, images from restaurants and partners, social networking platforms, email confirmation and alerts along with SMS text messaging.
  14. By using UMAI Services you agree to comply with UMAI’s terms of Services. You agree to act in accordance to the law and comply with legal regulations including without limit to copyright law, not to hack, disrupt, disable, reprogram, tamper with, reverse engineering UMAI’s sites, Service, and Servers.
  15. We reserve to access and read and disclose any information we deem necessary to adhere to the law, to the terms of Service, to prevent fraud or technical issues, and to protect the rights and safety of the public.

You are forbidden to copy, replicate, translate, publish, display, communicate, broadcast, sell, trade, exploit, change, modify any aspect of UMAI’s Services, Applications, content and third party content without the explicit and granted permission from UMAI or the owner of the specific content.

  1. License Granted to User: UMAI will allow you to share, distribute and post user content defined as content that you create, add, sent, upload, share, and distribute through UMAI Services regardless of the medium of the content. By allowing the content to be shown on UMAI you hereby allow UMAI to have a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license, with the right to sublicense to fully exploit user content in association with our Services in any manner we deem fit. This right is in effect even after the termination of your account. Additionally, you allow restaurants and other users to non-exclusive perpetual license to use your user content via UMAI services under this agreement and after the termination of your account. UMAi does not obtain any user right and as a result, this agreement will not restrict the rights that you may have to exploit user content. Furthermore, you agree that you are solely responsible for any content available through the Service and that:
  2. you are the sole owner of that content available on UMAI Services and that you release the rights and licenses associated with the content and grant UMAI the rights to the content
  3. you will not post or share any content that contains infringement violations or other lawful violations to third party member’s patent or copyright law.
  4. you agree not to share content that is deemed inappropriate and can provide others with risk of harm, physical or mental injury to others, especially children. Furthermore, sharing trade secrets and defamatory, and offense content will constitute a criminal offense. These are just a few examples and are not limited to these examples. The Services may contain content available through applications or third party members including but not limited to data, graphics, text, photos etc… You understand that all or most of these UMAI specific content will be protected by copyright, intellectual property, other trademark, and other legal instruments that restricts the ownership of content.
  5. License Granted by UMAI: As a result of this Terms of Service agreement, UMAI presents you a limited, non-exclusive non-transferable license to perform the following actions:
  6. Download and print content for personal and noncommercial usage.
  7. You have no right to sublicense content granted by the rights of this agreement.
  8. You will not copy, change, derivative works from content or exploit in any form content from UMAI Services, content, and applications.
  9. You will not have any other licenses or rights implications except for the licenses and rights granted in this agreement.
  10. UMAI will not review or monitor every content submission by you or third party members. As a result, we reserve the right to change or delete any content we deem fit for termination.
  11. Application License: The agreement establishes a grant from UMAI to you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable ability to download, and install a version of UMAI’s application on a mobile device or computer that you own or authorize to use a copy of the Services for personal, non-commercial usage. UMAI keeps all rights to the application and does not grant under this agreement. UMAI will not warrant that the application is fit across all devices and operating systems. Using UMAI’s applications you are agreeing to pay for additional charges that might occur from data consumption based on mobile provider. As a result, you are agreeing to the full responsibility of these charges.
  12. By agreeing to these terms you are also agreeing to the following
  13. you will not change or reverse engineer the UMAI application
  14. loan or lease and other exploitive methods to transfer the application to a third party
  15. create copies of the application
  16. damage or limit the application in any way
  17. remove the copyright and other rights assigned to the application
  18. agree to update and upgrade the version of the application you are currently running from time to time. You also consent to the automatic update of the application and
  19. This license grant is not considered a sale of the application or copies or versions for the application. As a result, any attempt to transfer the rights or obligations under this agreement is void.
  1. The copyright, patents, trademarks, logos, designs, and all intellectual property rights in the Service, Contents, Sites, and all UMAI features and applications, including without limitation the copyright of user content shall belong and remain to UMAI entirely.
  2. The logos and trademarks created by UMAI and displayed across our Services and websites are considered property of UMAI or connected third parties and all rights to the logos and trademarks are for UMAI and connected third parties. You are not allowed to use any of the trademarks and logos without the consent of UMAI or other third parties.
  3. Logos and trademarks may not be used in any commercial manner including, but not limited to sales, advertising, and publicity, or as a web hyperlink without the express consent provided by UMAI.
  4. The domain name, which UMAI provides Service is the sole property of UMAI and cannot be used or mimicked for personal or commercial usage.
  5. UMAI holds the rights to all applications and Services along with ideas, feedbacks, recommendations, and other information provided by you.
  6. You agreement with UMAI does not represent a sale – as a result, you do not hold any of the rights of ownership in the Application or Service, or intellectual property rights owned by UMAI.

Note that UMAI serves as a venue to connect users to restaurants. UMAI may choose to intervene when there is a conflict or a dispute between a user and a restaurant, however, you understand that UMAI does not have an obligation to do so and as a result, all negotiations are under the responsibility of you and the restaurant.

  1. UMAI obtains the legal and moral authority to investigate any notice and reports of copyright infringement including, but not limited to trademark, content, or other intellectual property infringements found on UMAI’s Services, Applications, Contents, User Contents, and other materials on UMAI domains and Services.
  2. If you believe that your intellectual property has been used or replicated in a manner that fits infringement and such infringement occurs from UMAI’s Services or Applications, please notify UMAI in writing as soon as possible in the form and containing content prescribed by the Singapore Copyright Act (Cap. 62) – More specifically, including the following information:
  3. All matters of infringement should be sent to UMAI’s address at
    A-21-06 Jalan Cendana
    50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  4. UMAI will review with diligence all infringement reports submitted. In the meantime, you have agree that you shall not take legal action or use and legal recourse you may have against UMAI – in respect of the infringing material. With the exception that you have explicitly reported to UMAI regarding the infringing material and UMAI refuses to remove the infringing material within a timely fashion.
  5. If UMAI removes the infringing material you waive the right to have recourse against UMAI based on the fact that UMAI under law has respected your right and removed the said infringed material.

UMAI has the right to change the Terms of Services along with changing or discontinuing Services and features at anytime. We may also limit certain futures or restrict access to certain futures. Please kindly check the Terms of Services frequently for potential modifications. Your patronage and continued use of the Service will act as the acceptances of these changes and modifications.


UMAI is operated and owned in Singapore and Malaysia. As a result, contents shown are appropriate and suitable for Singapore and Malaysia regions. Thus, UMAI makes no representation of Contents of website and application that are deemed appropriate or available for usage in your specific local. Those who desire to continue to visit or use our website and Services are held accountable to their own local laws, and the extent to which local law is applied. Also include, but not limited to export and import regulation. Furthermore, you do not reside in a country that is prohibited to deal with Singaporean or Malaysian companies and Services. If in violation of these jurisdictional policies your account will be terminated without warning.


The Services, websites, and applications will be governed in adherence to the laws of Singapore or Malaysia including, but not limited to the Singapore Evidence Act and the Electronic Transaction Act. Furthermore, you are agreeing to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Singapore or Malaysia courts.


While using our Services, you may be able to link to other websites and services and those websites may also provide subsequent links. However, know that when you access a third party, you do so at your own peril and risk. These other linked sites are not under our authority and as a result, UMAI is not liable for the content, validity, and value of these third parties. The fact that UMAI included these links on our websites does not mean that UMAI is associated with these third parties or endorse their websites. Finally, you agree that you remove liability from UMAI if these third parties creates and damages or losses.


You will indemnify and hold UMAI and our affiliates including restaurants and connected vendors along with our respective employees and representatives free from all liabilities, claims, costs - including legal attorney’s fees on a full indemnity basis, demands, actions, liabilities (including statutory liabilities and liabilities to third parties), that could potentially arise from the following, but not limited to the following: usage or misusage or access to our Services/Sites or connected Services/Sites, Content or otherwise from the violation of the Terms and Services or infringement by you or other third party members using your account or identity to obtain the Services, of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity, the breach of any Conditions, the violation of any rights of another person or entity, the violation of statutory requirement or laws. UMAI reserve the right to the exclusive control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which you will assist and cooperate with us in possible defenses.


This agreement is the entire Agreement and it is specifically for you and UMAI. This agreement reigns over all prior contracts, negotiations, agreements, and understandings that might have occur whether it was represented in an oral or written fashion, between other parties relating to the topic of this Agreement. If any of the terms or sub points within this agreement is invalid or avoid, that specific sub point will be limited or removed to the least or minimalist possible extent and the remainder of the Agreement and sub points will remain fully enforceable allowed by law.

  1. Agency: No partnership or joint venture, or employment is caused as a result of this Agreement. You do not have any right to bind UMAI in any respect as a result of this Agreement.
  2. No Waiver: All rights and remedies given by UMAI will be effective only if it is made in writing and signed by a member with the appropriate authority. More specifically, UMAI lack of enforcement regarding these Terms of Services shall not represent UMAI’s waiver of right to enforce these conditions on a later date. Specific instances where UMAI decides to waive for compliance does not mean that UMAI will continue this waive compliance on another date.
  3. Force Majeure: UMAI will not be responsible for deficiencies of service and obligations when the cause of such deficiencies are due to forces outside of UMAI’s control. These include, but are not limited to mechanical, electronic, or communication deficiencies, labour disputes, civil unrest, war or the threat of war.
  4. Headings: The sections are for ease of reading and shall not apply to their interpretation.
  5. Notices: UMAI may provide notice to you via Services, email to your email address on file respective to your account, or by written mail. Notices shall be deemed as provided after 48 hours of mailing or posting. You may provide notice to UMAI by mail at the following address:MERCU SUMMER SUITES
    A-21-06 Jalan Cendana
    50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  6. The notice will be deemed as received subsequent to a response.
  7. Assignments: Due to the fact that this Terms of Service is personal to you, you shall not assign or transfer this Agreement or your obligations under this agreement without consent from UMAI. However, UMAI has the right to transfer, assign, or delegate this Terms of Services and any of our rights and obligations without consent.
  8. No Duty to Monitor: UMAI does not have an obligation to fact check or review every content created through our Service along with third party information provided. UMAI has the right to edit or remove any content we deem fit for removal, however we do not have a responsibility to monitor these contents. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the content you access are completely accurate and correct.
  9. Third Party Rights: Individuals or entities who is not part of this agreement will have no right under (Rights of Third Parties Act) enforce terms of this agreement.
  10. Termination: You understand that UMAI has the authority to at will and discretion pause or terminate your Services or account without any reasoning.
  11. Data and Privacy Policy: Please do not provide UMAI with any personal data unless you have read and understood UMAI’s Privacy Policy. All information provided to UMAI will be allowed to be utilized by UMAI to a full extent.

UMAI makes no warranty, guaranty regarding the accuracy, reliability, quality, or completeness of the Services and applications provided.

  1. UMAI does not offer users a warrant that insurance the secure, uninterrupted, seamless, usage of Service or other associated features and applications.
  2. UMAI does not have the obligation to meet your requirement or expectation regarding Service or associated applications.
  3. UMAI does not promise that the data stored will be valid or reliable.
  4. UMAI does not warrant the products, services, and information bought through the Services to be deemed as true or valid, free of harmful viruses.
  5. The Services are provided on an “as is” basis and all current features and conditions are without warranty of any kind. Any warranties stated, implied, merchantability or otherwise or non-infringement of a third party are disclaimed to the fullest possible extent by law.
  6. You acknowledge that the risk associated with using our Services and products and third party services and products are solely belonged to you.
  7. You will assume the cost of any repairs or servicing if the usage of the Services damages your device.
  8. You recognize that restaurants are responsible for the interactions between you and the restaurant. As a result, restaurants are completely responsible for you claims, damages, illnesses, or injuries and other liabilities that might arise from you visiting their establishment. Therefore, you hereby release members of the UMAI team and associated third parties of any responsibility.

Under no circumstance shall employees, directors, agents, partners, vendors or other members associated with of UMAI be held liable under contract or other legal theories, to the highest extent of the law, regarding the Services we provide for any lost of profits, loss of data, increase cost, punitive compensatory or consequential damages whatsoever. For any bugs, viruses, and other factors alike. For your experience at any restaurant, for the performance and nonperformance factors associated with said restaurant.

  1. You agree and understand that the above limitations of liability allow the Services and products of UMAI to be provided to you at little or no cost.
  2. In the event that UMAI is liable for whatever reason related to damages, losses regardless of the legal medium (contracts or torts) through UMAI’s Services or other products, UMAI is liable for damages despite the limitation of liability provision UMAI’s total amount regardless of legal or other fees charged by you shall not exceed the total cost paid by you for the Services provided to you by UMAI for one month period immediately after the time of the liability.

You agree that the following conditions must apply when you are accessing the UMAI application from the Apple App Store using an Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) device:

  1. The agreement regarding terms and services is between UMAI and you - Apple is not responsible for the application nor content itself.
  2. The application is presented to you on a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable basis, to be used exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes.
  3. You will only use this application with an Apple product that you own.
  4. You understand and agree that Apple does not have a responsibility to maintain and upkeep the UMAI application.
  5. If there is any failure of the application with a connected warranty, you may contact Apple regarding the failure and Apple will reimburse you for the purchase price of the application if such price exists.
  6. You understand that UMAI and not Apple has a responsibility to direct any claims or third party claims that you might have.
  7. You understand that UMAI will be responsible and not Apple for all investigation and review of claims that infringes on third party intellectual property rights.
  8. You submit to the fact that you are currently in a country that is not sanctioned or restricted by the Singaporean or Malaysian government.
  9. You understand and agree that you must comply with additional third party term agreements.
  10. You understand and agree that Apple and Apple's subsidiaries are third party benefactors of these Terms of Service and once accepting these Terms of Service Apple will have the right to enforce these Terms of Service upon you as a third party benefactor.

You agree that the following conditions must apply when you are accessing the UMAI application from the Google Play Store using a Google, Inc. (“Google”) or Android device:

  1. The agreement regarding terms and services is between UMAI and you - Google is not responsible for the application nor content itself
  2. The application is presented to you on a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable basis, to be used exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes
  3. You will only use this application with an Google product that you own
  4. You understand and agree that Google does not have a responsibility to maintain and upkeep the UMAI application
  5. If there is any failure of the application with a connected warranty, you may contact Google regarding the failure and Google will reimburse you for the purchase price of the application if such price exists
  6. You understand that UMAI and not Google has a responsibility to direct any claims or third party claims that you might have
  7. You understand that UMAI will be responsible and not Google for all investigation and review of claims that infringes on third party intellectual property rights
  8. You submit to the fact that you are currently in a country that is not sanctioned or restricted by the Singaporean or Malaysian government.
  9. You understand and agree that you must comply with additional third party term agreements

You understand and agree that Google and Google’s subsidiaries are third party benefactors of these Terms of Service and once accepting these Terms of Service Google will have the right to enforce these Terms of Service upon you as a third party benefactor.

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