Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy expresses how UMAI GLOBAL 1 PTE LTD and NORSKI1 Sdn Bhd (1048892-D) (also, “UMAI”, or “we” or “us”) utilizes and shares information. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to express to the user how your interaction with out Service and products through our websites and applications will be used. By accessing and using our Services and products you are agreeing to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

This limits of this Privacy Policy does not apply outside of third party individual or entities that UMAI does not own or manage, these include, but are not limited to restaurants, vendors, and suppliers. Examples of these third parties and practices are expressed within this Privacy Policy, however, note that these are meant to be examples and are not completely exhaustive. For more information regarding the Policies of third parties, please contact the respective third parties directly.

  1. Information is collected when you register for an account for the usage of our Services, when you use the Services itself, and from third party websites and services. Furthermore, when you partake in a promotion or contest event performed by UMAI or third party partners.
  2. Information we collect allows UMAI to improve our products and Services ultimately improving your overall experience with UMAI products and Services. As a result, we may accumulate and display personal information.
  3. Information could potentially be shared with affiliates, business partners, and third party members (potentially based outside of Singapore).
  4. The purpose of sharing this information is to provide a better quality of service to you, validate personal payments, and communicate with you, market research, analytical purposes, and other functions. The following list contains more information regarding the type of information that we collect:
  1. After creating an account with UMAI, you will be required to present information include, but not limited to: your contact information (name, email address, mobile number, password, gender, date of birth) along with credit card information.
  2. However, UMAI does not store credit card information.
  3. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to share personal information to restaurants such as dietary and food preferences.
  4. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to create an account through a third party website such as Facebook. If you do decide to connect accounts with a third party, you are authorizing UMAI to access information from that said third party website. This information will assist UMAI in completing your profile information.
  5. Information flow will depend on third party website – the information flow will depend on your privacy setting that you placed for the third party website. To learn more about your current privacy settings contact your third party website which you are attempting to connect with UMAI.
  6. By creating an account through a third party website you are allowing UMAI to collect, maintain and use the information in reference to this Privacy Policy and all data that you provide for us through the third party program.
  7. You understand that by creating an account you are presenting UMAI with personal information and as a result allowing UMAI to use that personal information, especially for the purpose of identifying you. As a result, your information will no longer remain anonymous.
  8. UMAI may use that information to provide you information regarding our new products and features and assist you in the password recovery process if need be.
  9. However, note that you may unsubscribe from these messages and noticed through your account.
  10. Finally we will have the right to contact you when we believe that it is necessary.

When you use UMAI service to book a reservation you understand and agree that UMAI will be collecting and saving information related to these requests and reservations. Examples of these types of information include but are not limited to your name, email, phone number, completed reservations, preferences, reservations you have made in total, number of restaurants dined at, special requests, no-shows, and more. These types of information about your booking habits will be collectively known as “UMAI Reservation Information”


UMAI collects only the information required to provide Services to you. The amount of information provided by you and collected by UMAI depends on the circumstances. UMAI collects all information about an identifiable individual (e.g. name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth), or an individual whose identity may be inferred or determined from the information. UMAI may collect Personal Information when you use the Restaurant Loyalty Program including, without limitation, claiming credits, redeeming credits, redeeming autopilot campaigns. These types of information will be collectively known as “UMAI Loyalty Program Information”

  1. UMAI may deploy a number of methods to collect other information regarding how you interact and use our products and Services. These types of usage information may include, but are not limited to type of browser you are using, how you are accessing our Services, areas within our products you are using, location data, IP address or other identifiers for your computer or mobile device.
  2. Usage data may be unidentifiable and may potentially be tied to you.
  3. UMAI is currently using cookies when you visit our sites. A cookie can identify your browser, remember you and your preferences and track your visits to the site. A cookie does not have specific personal information and can be disabled in your browser. Note that if you choose to disable a cookie some functions of the Service may not be fully functional.
  4. UMAI will also use Google Analytics Demographics to collect demographic and interest data in our population through a Google Analytics cookie. These cookies do not collect personal information and can be disabled if you choose to do so.
  5. It is possible to remove yourself from information collection by managing your cookies and other tracking technology – however it is under your own responsibility to do so. Please refer to your own browser and mobile instruction regarding how to disable and delete cookies and other tracking tools.
  6. However, also note that some mobile devices will not be able to remove these cookies and other analytical tools.
  7. If you have more questions regarding our collection and tracking processes please contact us at
  8. We also might engage in third party marketing and analytical firms that might collect information for UMAI about your online preferences over time and over the Internet.

UMAI may also obtain information about you from other third party sources such as Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook which you have the option of linking to your UMAI account or Services. Please note that the method in which the third party platform stores and uses the data is ruled by the privacy policy of the third party platform. As a result, UMAI recommends that you refer to the third party platform to review their specific privacy policy.

  1. The primary reason why we are collecting and will be collecting these types of information is to improve and provide a better Service and offer you a better overall product.
  2. By providing us with your email information you are expressing consent to allow us or partnered restaurants to send you emails relating to Service.
  3. By providing us with your phone number you are allowing us to send SMS text messages from our end or restaurant’s name.
  4. Your information will be used in the following ways – these are examples and do not limit other use cases. For instance, reservation modification and confirmations provide updates along with cancellations.
  5. By using UMAI’s products and Services you are fully accepting and allowing UMAI to have total control and usage of the information that you are providing this includes the right and authority to share and utilize the information internally and externally to third parties.
  1. When you book a reservation through UMAI, UMAI will share some of your personal information on file to the restaurants including your name, email, and phone number once your reservation has been confirmed.
  2. When you become a member of UMAI Loyalty Program, UMAI will share some of your personal information on file to the restaurants including your name, email, phone number, gender and date of birth once you claim credits from that particular restaurant.
  3. Some restaurants might contact you via email or mobile regarding your reservation or send you marketing promotions if you are Loyalty Program member.
  4. Some restaurants might ask for credit card or billing information to secure your reservation.
  5. If you have a photo linked to your account, restaurants will have access to that photo along with specific dietary and food preferences and restrictions.
  6. Restaurants will also have access to your previous booking history along with your late and no-show record.
  7. Restaurants will also obtain information sourced from third party platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  8. We will also provide restaurants with feedback reviews. Restaurants will be able to identify you based on information included in your report such as name, date and time you were at the restaurant.
  9. However, if you want to provide specific feedback to the restaurant those requests will be honored and the restaurant will be able to directly resolve any issue that you might have within your comments.
  10. If you choose to sign up for UMAI Loyalty you thereby give consent to UMAI to send you targeted text messaging marketing campaigns on behalf of the restaurant(s) that you sign up for UMAI Loyalty with.
  11. By using UMAI Services you are agreeing that UMAI will be sharing information to the restaurants and that Restaurant’s third party database will be recorded with your information. As a result, UMAI does not have the privacy policies of other restaurants who might have your information and therefore will not be responsible for the actions of restaurants and how they use your information.

UMAI may share personal information with third party analytics or consulting firms to run analysis to improve our products and Services. These third party affiliates do not have any right to use your personal information beyond what is needed without consent from UMAI.


In the case that UMAI sells, divests, or transfers the company (all or part) during the negotiation of the business transfer UMAI has the right to disclose or transfer your personal information to the third party.


In order to fully comply with the law and other lawful parties, UMAI can use your personal information to the fullest extent including disclosing information to third parties if the data is deemed relevant and necessary. These use cases include, but are not limited to the need to comply with the law and the right of UMAI to protect the rights and security of UMAI affiliates such as employees and agents, and to find fraud or security threats.


You are able to access third party platforms through UMAI Services and websites and you may be able to share your actions and activity with peers through UMAI Services. When you share information or data publically, others may be able to replicate or spread that information online. Please contact third party platforms to learn more about their Privacy Policy.

  1. Your data will be obtained through UMAI Services will be stored and processed in Singapore and any other country that UMAI or its subsidiaries and affiliates might occupy.
  2. UMAI may transfer this information to third parties across borders from your country or jurisdictions to nations around the world.
  3. If you are using UMAI’s services outside of Singapore, please note that your local law might differ regarding the transfer of personal information.
  4. However, by using UMAI Services you are consenting to allow UMAI to transfer data to Singapore or any other country that UMAI has affiliation.
  5. Data will be stored in UMAI databases and we use encryption, firewalls, and secure socket layer for data security.
  6. However, it is important to note that UMAI does not store any credit card information and therefore do not have control or responsibility for credit and debit card information. UMAI will contract third party vendors to ensure that payment processors will receive your credit or debit card and that they will remain secure.
  7. We will not warranty or guarantee that the security of the third party payment processing firm.
  8. As a result, by using our product and Services you are doing so at your own risk. UMAI will not assume any liability nor will we assume responsibility for the security of your payment information. Additionally, it is critical that you as the user safeguard your credit and debit card information.

You can modify and view your account by signing into the UMAI product. You are responsible for keeping your account up to date by signing into the product and editing the information when necessary. If you desire to cancel or remove your account please do so by performing the same action. If you need any assistance please email If you do decide to remove your account from UMAI, UMAI will have the right to retain your information even after you decide to terminate your account. UMAI will retain both personal and usage information for analysis and logistical purposes such as chargebacks or current disputes.


You have the authority to provide as much or as little information as you want, however, note that incomplete information will limit your ability to use the UMAI product.


UMAI does not allow individuals under the age of 13 to use our Services or products since protecting the privacy of individuals under 13 is extremely important. Therefore, UMAI does not allow individuals under 13 to register for the Services. If UMAI unknowingly received personal information regarding individuals under 13, we will immediately terminate the account as soon as possible. If you are aware or are under the age of 13 please email for us to terminate and remove your account in order to comply with legal obligations.


UMAI reserves the right to change and update this Privacy Policy. As a result, it is your responsibility to frequently check this Privacy Policy. The continued usage of UMAI products and services represents your consent to any updated and current Privacy Policy. UMAI will attempt to inform you with email notices and updates regarding changes to the Privacy Policy, however we have no responsibility to do so. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy please contact UMAI at

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